About us

Raven’s is a progressive School that believes Traditional, Montessori and Technology can co-exist in the heart of Brooklyn. Since its founding, 17 years ago, Raven’s has been extraordinarily fortunate in educating children between the ages of 3 months and 12 years.

We realize that searching for the right school match for your child’s needs is not an easy task and, although exciting, it can be an anxious time during Early Childhood. The remarkable faculty and staff who work tirelessly with Raven’s students & families understand the need of comfort and safety that parents seek while forming a personal foundation at their child’s school.

Raven’s curriculum is designed to develop the creative and critical thinking skills for the school aged child. Today we educate more than 100 students –from nursery through grade 6- at our two locations in Canarsie. Our goal was to develop a community-based school where children would be challenged and cared for in a safe, loving, supportive, and creative environment.

Excellent learning takes time and effort. We encourage positive relationships between children and teachers, which causes caring, compassionate, and responsible individuals. Our teachers take pride in helping your children prepare to be critical thinkers and leaders.

The Details

We have created an educational program where creativity is encouraged and children fall in love with learning.

Welcome To Ravens!

Age Group
Infant - Elementary School
Class Size
8 - 15 Children
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