Raven’s Early Childhood Center is a Community Based Organization (CBO) that DOE partners with to coordinate and delivers services. Every school also has a Community School Director, who is a CBO employee.
Community Schools support:
 the whole child
 the child’s family
 learning both inside and outside of the classroom
Community-based organizations (CBOs) offer our students many
opportunities to develop, learn, and grow. These programs
include learning opportunities focusing on:
 academics
 social and emotional development
 recreational opportunities
 vocational skills
 civics

At Ravens School we offer extended day programs from 2:30 pm
to 5:30 pm. The primary goal of the program is to provide a safe
nurturing environment where students are engaged in
enrichment center based activities designed to encourage their
social, emotional, and cognitive development. As we transition
from school to after school, our daily schedule is planned to
support your child.
Every child deserves an excellent education. It’s up to all of us to
make sure we provide it. Let’s shape the next generation of New
York’s voices and minds. Let’s empower students in every
neighborhood on their path to success. We believe in every
child’s future.
The only way we change outcomes for students is through the
classroom. We also know that one key to rigorous instruction is
quality curriculum. We must also provide the professional
learning, resources, supportive environment, and supplies
necessary in every school across the city.
Schools can’t do it alone; it takes true partnership with families
and communities to meet the needs of each student.

Communication must be a two-way street that ensures families
and communities become partners in improving our schools. We
must build strong family and community ties to positively impact
our students’ lives and achievement.

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